Western Site Technologies Inc.

About Western Site Technologies

Western Site Technologies is a fully integrated environmental services company specializing in testing services for mold, asbestos, and bacteriological contaminants.

The company, which was established in 1996, combines leading edge environmental technology and expertise with high standards. Our commitment to industry and to the world environmental community is to provide the highest level of service and science without compromising our values. We are also dedicated to use our skills and scientific knowledge for the betterment of our clients.

"Our Job is to provide leading edge Environmental Risk Management tools to our clients. In order to ensure that the technology provided is the state of the art, Western Site Technologies will continue to lead the pack in research both into the latest available environmental technologies, but also in the operations systems of our clients, so we can understand and solve their problems in an efficient and cost effective manner."

Our unique understanding of the Environmental Industry, Risk Management, and Local and International Issues, helps you deal with the disposal of dangerous materials efficiently and cost effectively.

A clean environment is everyone's concern.

Western Site Technologies uses our unique understanding of both Risk Management and the Environmental Industry to assist our clients in dealing with problems where contaminants may present a problem in their normal activities.

WSTI continues to research all of the relevant environmental legislation to protect our clients from prosecution and additional liability costs. In fact a simple error such as sending waste to the wrong facility can net a participant a $500,000.00 fine and millions in non anticipated clean up costs.

We provide:

  • Investigation

    Our staff have been trained to investigate the "Fingerprint" of contaminants and compare these to contaminants released in a particular event. We study the path of incursion to ensure that all contaminants on the site were generated by the client. This can assist in identifying other generators who may be called in to participate in the clean-up. This can aid in subrogation of third party or in reducing the liability of our client.
  • Protocol

    We will establish a legislative authority approved work plan and ensure that all of the required authorities are notified. We will also develop an approved transportation and disposal plan taking care of all required permits and notifications.
  • Supervision

    We will ensure that only appropriate contractors are hired and that their certification and training is in keeping with the contaminant they are working with. We will also ensure that WCB and OH&S are kept "In the Loop" with respect to our developed Safe Work Plan.
  • Transport and Disposal

    If necessary, we will ensure that all waste is transported under the proper manifest and that the disposal receiver is properly licensed to accept the waste being transported to the facility. We will then issue a "Certificate of Process, Disposal, or Destruction" where appropriate. WSTI ensures that all documents are filed and stored for legislative compliance.
  • Final Report

    We will prepare a comprehensive final report containing copies of all documents, lab tests, notes etc. to ensure that our clients can track our progress through a project.