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What is Asbestos?


The term "asbestos" describes a group of naturally occurring minerals that have traditionally been used to insulate various residential, commercial and industrial buildings. It was commonly installed in the 1950s, 60s and 70s during construction due to its non-combustible and flame retardant properties. Because of its strength and versatility, it was often used to fortify plastic, cement, piping and other construction materials.

In modern Canadian construction, asbestos is no longer used. It is regulated and removed from old buildings whenever and wherever possible.

Why is asbestos dangerous?

Asbestos is a regulated and Designated Substance. It is a major threat to our health, largely because it is so easily and unknowingly absorbed into our bodies. The lightweight fibres in asbestos are often small enough to be virtually invisible and can enter the lungs when asbestos is disturbed.

The tiny, invisible fibres can cause irreparable damage to the lungs when inhaled. Ailments directly related to prolonged exposure to asbestos include:

asbestos can cause health problems
  • Lung cancer
  • Mesothelioma (cancer of the chest and abdominal lining)
  • Irreversible and potentially fatal scarring of the lungs (also known as asbestosis)
  • Sick building syndrome
    (a wave of chronic illness among building inhabitants. SBS is not solely caused by asbestos, but is a work-oriented illness associated with various toxic compounds that affect air quality)

Choose a reputable asbestos testing company

Because the very process of manipulating asbestos can stir the fibres and exacerbate the risks associated with it, it's imperative for any home or business owner to hire experts who understand how to test for and find asbestos safely.

Western Site Technologies has been handling asbestos properly since 1996. Our technicians understand exactly how to find and identify asbestos. We follow guidelines set forth by the Worker's Compensation Board of Alberta and Occupational Health and Safety.

Among Western Site's certifications:

  • American Council of Accredited Certification (ACAC)
  • American Indoor Air Quality Council (AIAQC)
  • Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC)
  • International Air Quality Association (IAQA)

We're efficient, careful and always follow best practices when testing for asbestos. We offer quick turnaround for bulk testing and air monitoring.

Identifying and testing for asbestos

asbestos testing in progress

Asbestos is difficult to detect. Generally, if the presence of asbestos is even remotely suspected, you should avoid coming into any contact with it and contact an expert.

However, it can't hurt to know the warning signs. Asbestos can occur in many different places. Most commonly, we find it in various forms of pipe insulation, vinyl floor tiles and vermiculite attic insulation.

To test for asbestos, the experts at Western Site Technologies remove samples from an at-risk area or object and send them to an accredited lab for proper identification.

Don't take chances with a dangerous material like asbestos. If you suspect it in your workplace or home, don't touch it! Instead, let the experts at Western Site Technologies handle it.

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